Bus Accident Lawyer Louisville Kentucky

Bus Accident Lawyer Louisville, Kentucky 1When it comes to a bus, you rarely consider the possibility of an accident until it actually happens. When it does, it’s an entirely different set of rules than the ones that apply to other vehicle accidents, and it’s also time to find a personal injury lawyer that understands those rules. Louisville, Kentucky sees its fair share of bus accidents simply due to its own public transportation system along with the numerous private buses required to shuttle visitors that are attending our many local events. It’s important to know where to turn when your encounter with a bus, whether as a passenger, driver, or pedestrian, is more than just catching a ride.

Kentucky Bus Hazards

Like every other driver in Kentucky, bus drivers have to navigate the landscape while paying attention to other drivers. Yes, they do face more of a challenge due to the size of the vehicle they are driving, but they also need a special license to legally drive them. A bus license is an indication that the driver is able to operate specific vehicles in a safe and professional manner.

A bus gives the illusion of being safer than other vehicles, but it is also oddly shaped which can result in things like tip over that don’t happen as often with other types of vehicles. Since most buses don’t have seatbelts, extreme situations put passengers in riskier positions than our personal cars and trucks. While school buses, for example, are often considered safe methods of transportation, accidents do occur. Harville Law Offices are experienced and aware of details like these when it comes to bus accidents.

Legal Risks of Bus Accidents

As an individual, it’s always difficult when you to come face to face with a large bureaucracy. It’s intimidating. When you are in pain or have suffered a loss, intimidation is even easier. You know you already have much to lose, and you might wonder how much more you can take. That’s when you need to turn to Harville Law Offices. Let the professionals handle the situation for you so you can deal with the issues at hand.

Most buses are owned by businesses or government entities which have a lot of backing and in some cases, immunity or protection. It’s not something that just anyone can handle. An attorney such as Bradley D. Harville, who has experience in similar situations and knows which route to take in order to get to the ultimate goal, is the best person to manage these situations.

What to Expect After a Bus Accident

Bus Accident Lawyer Louisville, Kentucky 2Because there are normally large entities involved in bus accidents rather than private owners, the methods of operation are a bit different. Legal representatives or insurance firms may approach you and suggest a settlement. As an individual, the numbers thrown at you might seem enormous, but if you have current and future expenses as well as losses because of the accident, it can be difficult to assess exact numbers. This is especially the case if you are distraught. You need Harville Law Offices to look into the details of the expenses to make sure you receive fair and reasonable compensation.

Managing Legal Representation

The average individual isn’t prepared when legal counsel approaches them offering compensation and if you are already stressed from the accident, you are even less prepared. If this happens to you, the best thing you can do is to contact Harville Law Offices immediately. Don’t agree to anything or sign documents until your lawyer has analyzed and carefully looked over everything. Otherwise, you may find that you are compensated faster, but not enough to cover everything you need or deserve. However, once you sign the papers, you may not be able to go back and change your mind.

Make Sure You Have an Experienced Bus Accident Lawyer on Your Side

Instead of hoping you’re making the right choice, it’s best to turn to a bus accident lawyer. A bus accident shouldn’t put you in debt or keep you from enjoying your life to your best ability. If you or your loved ones have been in a bus accident of any type, it is important that you contact us immediately. You don’t have to deal with bus companies, insurance companies, or attorneys who might not have your best interests in mind. Contact us for a consultation or call (502) 245-2333.