On The Job Vehicle Accidents

If you were on the job when you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are dealing with a separate area of the law, which introduces a whole new set of factors, in addition to your accident case.  On-the-job motor vehicle accidents, like any other on-the-job injury accidents, are covered under Kentucky Workers’ Comp law, which provides for a separate avenue of recovery for medical and disability benefits.

Unlike an accident lawsuit, workers’ comp claims are not filed in court.  A workers’ comp case involves an administrative proceeding that is filed with the Department of Workers’ Claims in Frankfort, and these claims are decided by Administrative Law Judges who are appointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth.

There are Kentucky motor vehicle accident lawyers and Kentucky Workers’ Comp lawyers, but not all Kentucky automobile lawyers practice Worker’ Comp cases, and not all Workers’ Comp lawyers practice motor vehicle accident cases.  It is important to have an attorney who understands the role that the “comp” factor plays in tort cases of all kinds.  And it is important to have an attorney who is just as comfortable and experienced in handling your workers’ comp claim before the Department of Workers’ Claims, as he or she is in handling your personal injury case in the courtroom.

Harville Law Offices has extensive experience in handling Workers’ Compensation cases as well as motor vehicle accident cases, and we have handled many cases in which both types of cases are involved.