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Truck Accident Lawyer Louisville Kentucky

Truck Accident Lawyer Louisville Kentucky 1Getting into a truck accident is a serious matter. When it comes to just about any kind of vehicle up against a semi-truck, the semi-truck always has the advantage. The weight, mechanical abilities, and the potential addition of a loaded trailer can make it an almost unstoppable force. Truck accidents in Kentucky can be particularly dangerous because of the surrounding terrain. It isn’t just the truck that you fear, but everything around it during an accident. Once the accident is over, it can also be difficult to put responsibility where it belongs. That’s when you need a highly skilled truck accident lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky with years experience in making sure victims are compensated for their injuries.

The Effects of a Truck Accident in Kentucky

If you have been in a truck accident in Kentucky, you may already realize some of the short and long-term effects of a truck accident. However, if you are still dealing with the aftermath, you may not have had time to figure out all the details of the areas affected. Harville Law Offices can help you with that, using years of experience in dealing with the repercussions of truck accidents in Kentucky.

The very first thing that is likely to happen is that the truck driver or the company that he or she drives for will look to put the blame on anyone but the driver. This is because the driver has a professional license and the company might be held liable for the accident. They will want to do this quickly because certain driving offenses with a CDL could disqualify the driver from keeping his or her license or could drive insurance rates up.

Medical Care after the Accident

Now you have to think about medical care. People who survive an accident with a truck usually don’t realize right away how severe their injuries are or can become. The impact alone has every potential to be fatal. Since you did survive, you most likely have extensive medical damage, some of which can’t be properly assessed just yet because of the swelling. It may take some time to learn what the long-term damage of the accident really is.

On top of all of this, there may be anxiety and other emotional issues to deal with. It is difficult enough trying to recover from physical injuries without worrying about being overcome with fear and anxiety when you have to drive again. You also have to think about transportation. Your vehicle has most likely suffered extensive damage and may have even been totaled. At some point, you will face the cost of repairs or replacement. These are just some of the elements that Harville Law Offices can help you figure out and manage.

Recovering from a Semi-Truck Accident

The recovery process is likely to be a lengthy one. Even after all of the wounds heal, there may be long-term medical issues. Sometimes those things can’t be assessed right away because it’s difficult to predict how the body is going to heal. As part of the process of recovery, you’ll need to take time off work and other responsibilities. Rest and ongoing medical care should be your primary focus. Because of that, it’s possible that you may face extensive financial loss as you miss work as well as expensive late fees due to getting behind on your bills. Manage these elements as best you can and don’t be afraid to let your creditors know the situation. They may waive payments or late fees in order to keep you as a customer.

At some point, recovery is going to mean dealing with the legal end of things. You’ll most likely suffer mental and emotional trauma, so this can be a difficult area to navigate. Harville Law Offices can help take some of that burden from you by working on the details of the accident while you try to recover as best you can.

Determining Who is Responsible for Your Injuries

Determining who is responsible for your injuries may take some time and investigation. Professionals need to assess the site of the accident itself in order to measure things like tire tracks and other damages to the surrounding property. This helps determine who is at fault based on the evidence. These professionals can use the landscape and other evidence to determine things like rate of speed, location on impact, and other details that are pertinent to figuring out who is at fault and who is responsible.

Why You Need a Qualified Truck Accident Attorney

Figuring out who is responsible is just the beginning of getting to the end result. Once you have established responsibility, it’s time to take action and put that responsibility where it belongs. This is isn’t something that just any lawyer can do because it requires years of experience working with victims of truck accidents.

Truck Accident Lawyer Louisville Kentucky 2Keep in mind that the trucker will most likely have the backing of the trucking company and a lawyer who specializes in these cases. They are looking out for the company itself because accidents can be costly for these companies and can cause their reputation to go down while their insurance rates go up. That is exactly why you also need someone who has experience in this field. Accidents like this require the knowledge and experience of a truck accident lawyer. Louisville, Kentucky has plenty of lawyers, but you need one that knows the ins and outs of truck accidents. It isn’t even just about their ability to handle corporate lawyers, but their knowledge of the evidence and professional witnesses that may be needed.

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents can be frightening and devastating. Furthermore, the ongoing stress and expense of treatment can become overwhelming and difficult to manage alone. You don’t have to try to figure this out by yourself. We can help. If you have experienced injuries due to a truck accident or have been involved in an accident in any way, contact Harville Law Offices immediately online or call (502) 245-2333.