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We believe that these are the qualities people are looking for when they are in need of hiring a capable, experienced attorney:

    • You want an attorney who puts relationships first.
    • You want an attorney who will listen to you.
    • You want an attorney who will help you understand how the legal system works.
    • You want an attorney who will explain what the legal system has to offer you.
    • You want an attorney who will tell you what you can expect.
    • You want an attorney who will be candid with you about what difficulties you will face.
    • You want an attorney who will help you make the best financial decision you can make about your case.

We believe that we offer these qualities to our clients.  We want to help you secure the best possible outcome out of a difficult situation that you wish had never happened.

Brad_bio_photo_(3)Brad Harville

Owner/Managing Partner

Location: Louisville, KY

Telephone: (502) 245-2333

E-mail: bdh@harvillelaw.com


BRADLEY D. HARVILLE believes that relationships are the most important priority in practicing law.  He believes that his relationships with his clients must be built upon a foundation of trust.  Trust is something that can only develop over time.

People who need to hire an attorney are facing a difficult situation.  They not only need sound legal advice, they need counseling about how to handle the legal difficulties they are facing.  That is why an attorney also needs to fill the role of “counselor.”  People need counseling to help them understand how the legal system works, what the legal system has to offer them, and how long it will take before their case can be satisfactorily resolved.

People also need an attorney who will advise them as to when a satisfactory settlement can be reached without having to file a lawsuit, and when the client needs to go ahead and file a lawsuit because the insurance company is unwilling to make a fair and reasonable offer of settlement.  Mr. Harville has years of experience in working for and with insurance companies to resolve cases.  He knows how the insurance companies evaluate and negotiate settlements, and when a lawsuit should be filed because the insurance company isn’t willing to offer enough in settlement.  He also knows when a jury trial is the only way to obtain full and fair compensation for his client’s damages, and he estimates that he has tried over 100 cases before juries since graduating from law school in 1985.



Dana Skaggs

Associate Attorney

Location: Louisville, KY

Telephone: (502) 245-2333

E-mail: dts@harvillelaw.com



DANA TAYLOR SKAGGS’ qualities that she brings to her relationships with her clients are those of warmth, concern, empathy, compassion, and understanding.  Her unfailing grace and kindness have helped many of our clients through many difficult situations, while she works with tireless resolve and determination until she achieves the most favorable outcome possible.  Dana maintains her same warm and positive attitude even when dealing with our clients’ adversaries.  Experience has taught her that good relations cultivate good settlements, whereas overaggressive tactics or conduct can work against our clients’ best interests and make it more difficult to get their cases resolved.

Dana believes that the practice of law is all about respect for the rights and integrity of the individual.  Her warm and engaging personality masks an inner toughness that has been battle-tested over many years and she will not relent until our clients’ cases have been resolved to their satisfaction.