Blown front tire may have been involved in Louisville School Bus Crash

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  • September 15th, 2014

Dramatic video on Louisville Courier-Journal website.

The radio was reporting that police were investigating the possibility that a blown front tire may have caused the school bus crash.  If you check out the Courier-Journal website it contains dramatic video of the Louisville School Bus Crash from a dashcam. 

It shows the school bus swerving from the far right hand lane in front of a semi and cutting across the middle and left hand lanes (there are 3 lanes where this happened).  It then crashes into the concrete barrier and apparently struck the white car I saw sitting in the far left eastbound lane.

Many legal issues raised by Louisville School Bus Crash.

Obviously the first concern when such a terrible crash occurs is for these young people and their families.  Beyond the emotional trauma, they must also face the fact that any injuries in a serious accident will result in very substantial medical treatment and medical bills.  These families will need to explore every source to be able to cover this treatment so that they are not ruined financially. 

Anyone injured in a motor vehicle crash in Kentucky is entitled to $10,000 in “no-fault” coverage for their medical bills, but this doesn’t go very far in a serious accident case.  Such a case requires a high level of legal expertise, especially a crash involving a blown tire which may involve maintenance and/or product liability issues.

But these concerns will come later.  As a father of two young people of my own (ages 20 and 17), I am very sorry for these young people and I hope that none of their injuries are life threatening or chronic in nature, and my thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.


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