Truck Defects Caused Accident

Truck Defects Caused Accident 1Semi trucks can be dangerous for several reasons. For instance, overloaded trucks commonly cause accidents because the driver isn’t prepared to manage the weight behind him, and the truck and trailer simply aren’t equipped to do so. In such cases, the financial obligations of the accident generally fall on the driver. However, in a truck defects caused accident the responsibility may not fall on the driver, or the owner of the truck if the driver isn’t the owner. Instead, manufacturers should bear the liability.

Truck Manufacturer Defects

Many components go into a truck that can make it difficult to determine who is responsible for the part in question. The truck manufacturer usually only assembles parts to make the truck. At the same time, these parts sometimes go through a quality control process that assures the manufacturer that the parts are safe and reliable. Because it can be something as simple as one bolt that wasn’t up to par, the process of investigating these elements can be quite lengthy. For this reason, it’s best to turn to experienced professionals like the lawyers at Harville Law Offices, who already know how complicated the process is, but also know how to manage it.

Identifying the Defect

The process of investigation starts with identifying the cause of the accident which isn’t always as obvious as it seems. An accident on an icy road could place blame on the roads or the parties responsible for maintaining the roads, but if the semi-truck or trailer has defective tires on it, they might actually be the problem instead of the road. It can take an experienced forensic team to analyze and investigate every detail so you shouldn’t always assume the cause until you know for sure.

Disputes Between Companies

Truck Defects Caused Accident 2One reason it’s important to identify the exact defect is because it has to be traced through all the processes from its creation to the moment it was placed on the truck. This isn’t just about resolving one case, but about getting something dangerous off the road. The defect may continue to exist in other trucks if the issue isn’t addressed in a timely manner. Safety is important but so is placing the responsibility in the right place. Sometimes manufacturers are unaware that there is a defect, but other times they are aware and are also willing to take the financial risk of allowing the part to be used rather than recalling it.

When it comes to a truck defects caused accident the average person cannot handle the burden alone. This is especially true if the company already knew about the defect because they may find clever ways to hide their knowledge. It takes an experienced lawyer to find these details so that responsibility goes to the right entity. Any defect in a moving vehicle is something that needs to be addressed for safety reasons. Defects on trucks simply take the safety issue to a whole new level of concern.

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