Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Kentucky

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Kentucky 1Just like car accidents, truck accidents in Kentucky can result from a broad range of causes, many of which the truck driver or his or her trucking company are responsible for. While there are national and state guidelines regulating the trucking industry and its drivers, there are still instances where truckers and companies don’t always completely follow those guidelines. If you are injured in a truck accident because of negligence or trucking violations, you need an attorney with years of experience in dealing with semi-truck accidents.

Fatigued Driver

Truck drivers often drive for long periods of time without much sleep, resulting in fatigue. For those working 13-hour schedules, drivers average less than four hours of sleep, which means people who are driving 18-wheelers aren’t always fully rested or aware enough to do so safely. Truck drivers who haven’t had adequate time to sleep are less attentive and at risk for actually dozing off while driving. It is important if you are involved in a truck accident that you have an attorney who can investigate the specific cause of the accident for you.

Rushed Delivery Schedules

Truck drivers are notoriously working according to rushed delivery schedules and are often required to be in a state across the country in a short period of time. This can force the driver to speed and not pay as much attention to other drivers on the road. Regardless of when a delivery must be made, it isn’t worth the injuries and fatalities that might occur because a truck driver feels he or she needs to speed down the highway to meet a deadline.

Brake Failure

Brake failure and not being able to brake quickly are both common causes of truck accidents in Kentucky. And because of the size of semi-trucks, they almost always result in catastrophe and devastating injuries to those in the truck’s path. Trucks must be regularly checked and maintained to prevent mechanical failure on the road, but drivers also have to be trained to be able to brake in time.

Distracted Drivers or Driving Under the Influence

Common Causes of Truck accidents Kentucky 2Drivers of any type of vehicle can become distracted, including truck drivers. While trained to be extra attentive, they are as human as the rest of us and can become distracted. It is important to consider, however, whether the driver is responsible for the accident because of texting or because he or she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you are injured because of another person’s distracted driving or because the driver is under the influence, you should not have to suffer the pain and expense by yourself.

Don ‘t Battle Trucking Companies Alone

Most trucking companies are insured and staffed with professionals and lawyers ready to help them through truck accidents. However, you are likely in a far more vulnerable situation than they are. This already stressful and painful situation can become worse if you attempt to manage it alone. Harville Law Offices can assist you through a truck accident, assess the damages and who is at fault, and seek compensation for your injuries. You don’t have to try to battle truck companies or insurance companies alone. Contact us online immediately for a consultation or call us at (502) 245-2333.