Common Types of Truck Accidents in Kentucky

Common Types of Truck Accidents in Kentucky 1Truck accidents can occur just as quickly as any other type of accident. Because of the size of semi-trucks, accidents may be larger in scope and include multiple vehicles. While there are many different types of truck accidents in Kentucky, they are almost always frightening and traumatic experiences. These are some of the types of truck accidents that occur in Kentucky and its outlying areas.

Overloaded Trailer Accident

Because of the size and weight of a typical semi-truck, there are limits to what they can carry and how the cargo is loaded. Although designed to carry heavy loads, it is important that trailers aren’t overloaded. In overloaded trailer accidents, other factors such as inclement weather, which can make braking quickly difficult, can compound the disaster. Furthermore, if the cargo isn’t positioned properly or secured, it can fall into traffic causing any number of injuries. In this type of accident, you can be injured even if you aren’t directly involved.

Under-Ride Truck Accident

Under-ride truck accidents occur when a vehicle slides or crashers under a semi-truck. Not only is this type of truck accident extremely dangerous at high speeds, according to the Institute for Highway Safety, underride guards can fail in low-speed crashes. The rear guards on most semi-trucks are designed to reduce death and injury, but in under-ride accidents where trucks aren’t equipped with appropriate or sufficient guards, the chances of serious injury and even death significantly increase.

Override Truck Accident

Override truck accidents can be as devastating as underride accidents except in this type of accident, the truck runs over a smaller vehicle. This type is more likely to occur when drivers can’t see because of rain or fog, or while tailgating another vehicle. Besides low visibility situations, the most common causes of override truck accidents are brake failure, speeding, and bursting tires. Although truck drivers require special training and licensing, negligence and inattentiveness can cause accidents. It is important you seek the assistance of a lawyer experienced in truck accidents in Kentucky.

Jack-Knifed Semi Truck

Jack-knife semi truck accidents can wreak havoc on drivers, highways, roads, and traffic in general. This type of accident refers to the shape the semi-trailer becomes which resembles a closing jackknife, forming a 90-degree “V”. Many of the causes of jack-knife truck accidents are similar to those found in other types of semi accidents. For instance, equipment failure, inability to brake properly, and adverse road conditions, are all causes of jackknifed trucks. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the result can be numerous injuries and casualties.

Run-Away Trailers

Common Types of Truck Accidents in Kentucky 2Run-away trailer accidents take place when the trailer’s speed and the tractor’s speed don’t match, causing the vehicle to lose control. In some cases, the trailer can actually become detached and end up crashing into oncoming traffic. These are also extremely dangerous situations simply because of the size and weight of a trailer that at that moment, cannot be controlled. Causes of runaway truck accidents include speeding, steep declines which affect the driver’s ability to brake, and sudden turns.

Consult an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Regardless of the type of truck accident you experience, it takes an experienced truck accident lawyer like Bradley D. Harville to make sure you receive compensation for your injuries. If you or your loved ones have experienced an accident involving a truck, contact us online or call Harville Law Offices at (502) 245-2333.