Subrogation is a fact of life in just about every personal injury case.  “Subrogation” means an insurance company’s right to recover payments to an injured person from the party at fault. Motor vehicle insurance companies, workers’ compensation companies, health insurance companies, as well as state and federal governments (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, V.A.) all have potential rights of subrogation which must be considered in representing personal injury cases.

It is extremely important to know the different laws that apply to each type of subrogation claim, and to make sure you are protected from or have satisfied any and all such liens, however possible, when a settlement agreement is reached in your case.

At Harville Law Offices PLLC, we are familiar with every variety of subrogation claim.  We have settled numerous cases for injured people and made sure that they were protected from such claims.  We have also represented insurance companies in all types of subrogation matters, and have dealt with government agencies concerning their rights of subrogation.  We know how to deal with these claims in getting your case resolved most favorably to you.