Slip and Fall Lawyer Louisville

Slip and Fall Lawyer Louisville 1As a slip and fall lawyer in Louisville, Bradley Harville can represent you both in and out of court, becoming your advocate against the insurance companies and the party responsible for your injuries. When you have been hurt, you do not have to go it alone. Instead, you can have someone on your side with years of expertise handling slip and fall cases.

You Should Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Louisville Right Away

After you have been injured, it is important to call a slip and fall lawyer in Louisville. There is a set time frame for when you can file a lawsuit before you reach the statute of limitations. Simultaneously, in cases like these, your accident will have been caused by physical factors. Things like a broken railing or torn carpet can be quickly and easily fixed. Once they are, the evidence potentially goes away. By hiring an attorney quickly, the evidence can be gathered and preserved for trial.

How a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Louisville Can Help You

These are some of the most difficult personal injury cases to prove. Not because you weren’t injured, but because it must be proven that you were injured at the location in question (not before or after), how you were injured, and that the business or party had the opportunity to prevent the injury. This makes slip and fall cases far more complicated than the standard car accident personal injury case. Fortunately, attorney Bradley Harville has experience successfully handling slip and fall cases and can put that expertise to work on your case.

An Attorney Can Prove Negligence

Slip and Fall Lawyer Louisville 2In any personal injury case, there must be a ruling regarding who was negligent or at fault for the accident and subsequent injuries. If you had a slip and fall while shopping, for example, the goal would be to prove that the store was liable and negligent. The first step in doing so is to identify who could be to blame. In that example, if you fell in front of the store, it may have nothing to do with the store itself but the property management company or owner of the building. An attorney will work to identify all potential parties and determine what role they did or could have played in preventing or causing your accident. It will be necessary to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and prove negligence so you can become entitled to financial compensation.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Keep in mind that if you had a slip and fall accident, the business or government agency where you fell will have several attorneys working on the case. You are always entitled to represent yourself in any legal matter, but doing so will put you at a disadvantage comparatively. Since you never know if or when you will have to go to court, you need an attorney who has the expertise to navigate through the court system and to become your advocate against the insurance companies and other parties.

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