Motor Vehicle Accidents

You’ve been in an accident.  An ambulance took you to a nearby hospital.  Your car is smashed beyond recognition.  You were lucky you weren’t killed.  You can’t go back to work.

You know the other driver was talking on his cellphone or texting, or that she was going way too fast.  How do you prove this information?

What can you do?

It is a huge, huge disruption.  And hugely, hugely stressful.  And you need answers.  You need direction.  You need some assurance as to how all of this is going to turn out.

First, you need to notify your insurance company that you were in an accident.  You also need to try to notify the other driver’s insurance company about the accident if you believe he or she was at fault.

But wait, isn’t Kentucky a no-fault state?  Does that mean there’s no fault for an accident?  (No.)

And what is PIP?  Or BRB?  UM?  UIM?  What do all of these terms mean?  (PIP and BRB are the same thing, UM and UIM are different types of coverages.)  And what does subrogation mean?  (It means you may have to pay back a portion of any settlement recovery for certain liens that result from the accident and your treatment.)

What if you were on the job when the accident happened?  What about workers’ comp?  How does that fit in?  (Hint:  It makes a big difference.)

How do you find out how much insurance the other driver has?  (Normally you can’t unless you file suit.)  Will the other driver’s insurance company agree to pay my medical bills?  (No.)  For the damage to my car?  (Maybe!)

What you are from out-of-state?  How do you find an attorney who knows how that may affect your rights in bringing a personal injury claim?

How can you find someone who can provide answers and help you sort all of this out?

At Harville Law Offices, we handle Motor Vehicle Accident cases involving these concerns, and many more, day in and day out.  We help our clients with getting through this process so they can get back on their feet move on with their lives.