How do I get the largest settlement amount possible for my car accident injuries?

How do I get the largest settlement amount possible for my car accident injuries 1There is no shame in asking how to get the largest settlement possible for car accident injuries because you have suffered, paid out of pocket, maybe even lost time from work. On top of this, injuries sometimes have a way of causing medical issues in the future which can lead to more money out of pocket and time off work. They can even lead to a complete change in your lifestyle in general. Getting the largest settlement possible is really about following through on all the steps you need to take during the proceedings. It starts at the time of the accident and ends when your lawyer tells you that your part is done.

Managing the Accident

As soon as an accident happens, you need to contact local law enforcement. Find a safe place in the area and stay there. Don’t leave the scene, but don’t put yourself at risk by standing in the middle of the road either. Cooperate with the civil servants when they arrive, including the police and EMTs. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of the scene if you can do so without getting in the way of emergency personnel and without causing yourself further harm.

Address All Concerns

Even if you don’t feel like you are injured, it’s best to seek medical advice. Sometimes after an accident, the body goes into shock, so you don’t feel the pain that may come later. There may be significant injuries that you don’t know about. In general, it’s best to at least get checked out. Follow up with your primary physician so that he or she can help separate any new issues from pre-existing conditions.

The same advice applies to your vehicle. Make sure your mechanic takes a close look at it and is very specific when he or she documents any and all issues, including damage to the body. Again, even if it seems to be driving fine, it pays to have a mechanic look it over. These things are important because you plan to file a claim to recover costs. If you aren’t taking any of the issues seriously, the court isn’t going to see a reason to either.

Keep Detailed Records

How do I get the largest settlement amount possible for my car accident injuries 2Every time you do something that addresses anything related to the accident, make sure you keep detailed records. These are going to be used to determine the amount of your claim and includes any reports, receipts, pictures, or other types of documentation you might have. There are many factors involved in determining your settlement, so it’s important to make sure you don’t overlook anything.

Be timely about scheduling a consultation with your lawyer. Then, you can ask for recommendations on getting the largest settlement possible. The attorneys at Harville Law Offices can examine the details and address your concerns. The most crucial part of receiving the compensation you deserve is consulting a qualified personal injury lawyer. Call us today at (502) 245-2333 or contact us for a consultation immediately.