What Is The Car Accident Claim Process In Louisville?

What Is The Claim Process 1To get answers about the car accident FAQ, what is the claim process in Louisville, schedule a consultation with attorney Bradley Harville. As an experienced personal injury attorney, he understands how the claim process works and what you can expect from the outcome.

Car Accident Claim Process in Louisville

Who do I file a claim with?

You should first file an accident claim with your insurance company. You can reach the claims department by calling the 800# on the back of your insurance card or by contacting your local agent.

When should I file a claim?

As a Louisville attorney office, we recommend hiring an attorney and filing an insurance claim right away. This will be beneficial financially and also ensure that you do not accidentally reach the statute of limitations.

What will they give me for filing a claim?

Your insurance company should provide you with a claim number. That is the number you will use at the doctor’s office so your medical bills can be paid. This is also how your mechanic will bill for your auto repairs.

What happens after I file a claim?

The insurance company will send you paperwork to complete, and try to set up an interview. Their goal is to learn more about you and the accident so they are better equipped to wrap up the case. The longer it extends, the more money they are losing.

What do they do during the car accident claim process?

What Is The Claim Process 2Your insurance company will assign you to a particular rep and then they will go to work investigating your case. They will want to know what happened leading up to your car accident and during it. Remember that during this process, the insurance company will also be looking into your actions in order to determine if you could have done anything wrong and even if you do indeed qualify for coverage. Knowing this, having an attorney on your side is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected.

Can my car get fixed right away?

This is one of the car accident FAQ claim process in Louisville questions we hear on a regular basis. Most people need their vehicle to get to work, so waiting several weeks for repairs is simply not an option. In most cases, you can go to an insurance approved auto body shop and have the repairs made right away. As long as the shop is already working with your insurance company, they simply submit the bid for review, and once approved, the repairs can be made. However, you should note that in some cases, the insurance company will total your vehicle and write you a check instead.

What happens if I have a dispute?

If you disagree with your insurance company’s determination about your medical care or car repairs, an attorney can help. You do not have to accept the insurance company’s decision, and if you don’t, you will then need help filing a lawsuit, something Bradley Harville can do for you.

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