Underinsured/Uninsured Car Accident Lawyer Louisville

Underinsured_Uninsured Car Accident Lawyer Louisville 1Since Kentucky is a no-fault state, recovering expenses after an accident can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Most no-fault states, including Kentucky, also have a tort law that places limits on the conditions for when you can sue or be sued. When you are in an accident in Louisville with someone who has insurance, you have to meet certain limits before you can sue their insurance company. However, one of the most difficult scenarios occurs when they don’t have insurance at all or are underinsured. It’s times like this when you need to seek the assistance of an underinsured/uninsured car accident lawyer in Louisville to help navigate the process and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Louisville No-Fault Law

It helps to understand what the laws are, especially when it comes to knowing where to turn to seek financial reparation for damages. Kentucky is a no-fault state which means that you seek the funds from the insurance of the driver of the vehicle you are in, rather than the vehicle that hit you, up to a certain point. When the costs exceed the limitations provided by tort law, then you can sue the insurer of or owner of the vehicle that was at fault. Current Kentucky tort law sets those limitations at permanent disfigurement or injury, an excess of $1,000 in medical costs or other out-of-pocket expenses including lost wages; broken bones; and death.

When to Sue an Individual

Normally, lawsuits are filed against the insurance company. However, there are times when the driver is uninsured or underinsured, and the limits of the policy do not cover your costs. In such cases, you would turn to the responsible individual with the help of the attorneys at Harville Law Offices.

You may also seek recovery from an individual when they reject their tort law rights. This means they can sue other people or companies without meeting the limits set forth by tort law, but it also means they can be sued without the other party meeting those limits. In such cases, the person who rejects their rights under tort law is required to carry a more extensive insurance plan with a higher Personal Injury Plan (PIP).

Benefits of Hiring an Accident Lawyer

Underinsured_Uninsured Car Accident Lawyer Louisville 2Obviously, the laws governing insurance and how to address claims can be difficult to follow. To begin with, you may have to prove who is at fault and know how to correctly apply them to your case. If your case goes to trial and if the amount exceeds the amount the individual or insurance company is willing to pay, you will likely face a lengthy fight. This is especially true of insurance companies who always have significant representation. In such cases, it helps to find an experienced underinsured/uninsured car accident lawyer in Louisville who knows the laws inside and out.

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