Rollover Car Accident Lawyer Louisville

If there is one incident that any driver fears, it’s the potential for a rollover. Though it rarely happens when just one vehicle is involved, this type of event can be life threatening. In fact, since SUVs were once notorious for these events, many people avoided even buying them rather than learning how to drive them in such a manner as to prevent this event from happening. For those in the vehicle that rolls over and any cars that happen to be in its path, this type of car accident can be one of the most dangerous.

Common Reasons for a Rollover

Rollovers don’t just happen. In fact, they only occur when the weight of the vehicle is so unbalanced that one side is heavy enough to counter the weight on the other side and force the vehicle to completely lose ground. In the case of SUVs, people sometimes attempted to use them as ATVs and challenge rocky terrain. In turn, the SUV would sometimes be forced over onto one side or the other and simply gain momentum. This caused the vehicle to flip completely over.

Speeding Around Corners

Another issue occurs when people take corners too fast. Whether it is an SUV or not, a sharp turn can create an increase in velocity while the vehicle already has side momentum. This can force the vehicle off the road and sometimes cause it to roll over. Of course, there are also incidents when one vehicle is hit by another or forced off the road into rough terrain.

Injuries from Rollover Accidents

A rollover can cause serious injuries, even if you have functioning seat belts and air bags. At the very least, glass and other particles can make their way inside the vehicle. Even safety glass can be dangerous when it makes its way into the mouth, nose, ears, or eyes. This type of accident often results in a totaled vehicle as well, since not many automobiles can withstand landing on their roof. If you have been involved in such an accident, contact a medical professional and follow up with a visit to your attorney to learn what you can do about the cost of damages.

Negligence and Rollovers

There are instances where rollovers occur and cause injuries through no fault of your own. This can happen if you are in a vehicle next to one that rolls over, if you are driving a vehicle with faulty equipment, or if the other driver involved was negligent in any way. In any event, if the accident isn’t your fault, you could be eligible for compensation to cover the damages and injuries. There could be any number of factors involved that contributed to your accident that you had no control over and couldn’t have prevented.

If you have been in a rollover accident, you need the assistance of a qualified car accident lawyer to help figure out if there were circumstances that weren’t your fault. The legal team at Harville Law can help. Contact us online or call us at (502) 245-2333 immediately for a consultation.