Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer Louisville

As car accidents go, the rear end is one of the most common. It can also be one of the harshest to deal with when it comes to insurance companies. Some car accidents like this are nothing more than a tap on the bumper and are even left unaddressed in some larger cities because it happens so often. Though people don’t always report it, they are legally obligated to in Kentucky if there is damage to the vehicle, or someone is injured. Whether you are the one who hit the other car or the one who was hit, be sure to file a report if for no other reason than to avoid getting prosecuted for a hit and run later on.

Potential Medical Issues

While a slight tap on the bumper might not seem like a big deal, it can be. Not only that, not all rear end accidents are just slight taps. Some rear end accidents can push the front vehicle into traffic or other even other cars, resulting in a much bigger accident than a simple tap on the bumper. At the very least, you might suffer a mild neck injury. At the worst, a fatality from being pushed into traffic or other things. Further, there are instances where minor injuries become worse even if at first they didn’t seem problematic. While a rear end accident might not seem to affect you much, it can result in severe consequences, depending on the details.

Insurance Problems

When it comes to accidents that happen because one car hit another from the back, the driver in the back usually gets blamed even if the driver in front caused the accident. As far as many insurance companies are concerned, all drivers should be paying attention to their surroundings. They assume that if you are the person in the back, you simply didn’t stop in time. It doesn’t matter if the person in front of you slammed on their brakes. They assume that you were going too fast or driving too close to stop in a reasonable amount of time

Long-Term Effects of Rear End Accidents

Though a rear end accident is relatively common, it must be addressed, whether you are the person who is rear ended or the driver who accidentally caused the accident. There are all sorts of issues that can crop up after being in an accident, like delayed injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which can have serious long-term effects.

If you have been in a rear end accident, you may not be sure you have a case or whether or not the other driver was completely at fault for the accident. However, your health and wellbeing are worth finding out if you have options. The legal team at Harville Law Offices can investigate the details of the accident and make sure you receive the tools necessary for moving on with your life in the best way possible. Contact Harville Law Offices online or call us at (502) 245-2333 immediately for a consultation.