Parking Lot Car Accident Lawyer Louisville

When it comes to car accidents, sometimes you don’t need to look any further than the parking lot. Parking lots sometimes do have signs that help guide traffic, but since you aren’t likely to get pulled over for not following these signs, not everyone makes an effort to follow them. That means you face some of the same risks you do on the road, but they could also end up worse simply because the area is lacking in moderation and guidelines.

Vehicular Damage

More times than not, it’s the vehicle that suffers the most damage in parking lot accidents, simply because there are usually no high speeds involved. This is especially true in areas where there are no cameras. People don’t always pay attention when they are parking or opening and closing their doors, so it isn’t unheard of for someone to hit your car with their door or even bump into a parked car as they try to pull into a parking space. In such cases, the one thing you can be thankful for is that no one was injured. Even so, you may not have adequate insurance coverage to file a claim. If not, you may want to contact a lawyer to learn who should be held liable for the damage to your car.

Consequences of Parking Lot Accidents

Although most of the consequences involving parking lot accidents involve paying for the damage to the car, it can become much worse if not addressed correctly. For example, many parking lot accidents end up being hit and run charges as well because the responsible party attempts to leave and not face the consequences. It’s crucial no matter how small or large the damage, that you follow Kentucky law in any type of car accident.

Moving Collisions

Just about everyone has gotten in a hurry and found themselves driving through a parking lot as if they were on the road. When this happens in an area where people are pulling out of parking spots and expecting only slow traffic, if any, a collision is likely to occur. If it does, this is still considered an accident and the authorities should be called to record the accident. If the person refuses to wait or give you their information, be sure to take a picture of the vehicle and the license plates so that you can give it to the authorities later on.

A parking lot collision might not seem like a big deal, but it is. This is especially true because while someone may have just tapped your bumper, it could easily happen to small children and people. When your car is damaged because of someone else’s negligence in a parking lot, you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. At Harville Law, we can make sure you receive the best possible outcome and that the right person is held responsible for the damages.

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