Car Accident PTSD Lawyer Louisville

Car Accident PTSD Lawyer Louisville 1Attorney Brad Harville represents people who have suffered car accident injuries PTSD in Louisville. Car accidents can be extremely traumatic. The greater the impact, damage to the vehicle, and injuries, the more likely someone is to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder afterward. If you feel as though you are one of them, you should schedule a consultation to discuss your options. PTSD can have significant and lasting consequences, such as the inability to drive or even be inside a vehicle. This can lead to changes in your lifestyle, many of them negative. Working with an attorney is your best option for getting the financial help you need to deal with these changes.

An Attorney Can Represent You If You Are Suffering From Car Accident Injuries PTSD Louisville

In the United States, around one percent of the population is injured in a car accident annually. A percentage of those lead to PTSD, statistically around nine percent, typically due to the nature of the accident and severity of the injuries. Most people who suffer from PTSD are unaware that they have legal options and can pursue financial damages for their suffering. You can, and attorney Brad Harville can help with your case.

Common Causes of Car Accident Injuries PTSD in Louisville

It does not need to be a major car accident to cause PTSD. If the accident came on suddenly, you suffered major injuries, or one of your passengers was hurt, that could be enough to cause PTSD even if the car was not totaled. How you were feeling prior to the accident will also impact how traumatic the experience is overall. For example, were you already having a hard time dealing with stress, or were you already anxious about your own personal safety or that of your child? If you were, the accident could be the catalyst to turn your slight anxiety into official PTSD, a medical condition.

Signs of Car Accident Injuries PTSD in Louisville

Car Accident PTSD Lawyer Louisville 2According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, a few of the more common signs of PTSD are depression, anxiety, fear, and an inability to cope. These could translate into being afraid to get behind the wheel, feeling scared by loud noises, having an unnatural fear that something terrible will happen when you are in the car, etc. Some people even re-experience the trauma over and over again, while others avoid the situation in order to prevent the possibility of it reoccurring. If your behavior has drastically changed and you are operating from a state of fear, you could have PTSD and should speak with an attorney.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Car Accident PTSD

As an experienced injury attorney, Bradley Harville has helped those suffering from PTSD to receive the financial compensation they need to pay for an increase in medical bills and adjustments to their lifestyle that is necessitated by the PTSD. To find out what options are available to you, call 502-245-2333 or click HERE to schedule a consultation.