Car Accident Disability Lawyer Louisville

Car Accident Disability Lawyer Louisville 1If you were in a car wreck and have suffered car accident injuries disability in Louisville, you need an attorney who can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve. Most people are not aware that after a major car accident, there could be two ways to receive compensation. The first is to receive a settlement from the insurance company. The second is to receive social security disability payments. In both scenarios, you can benefit from the expertise and guidance of a personal injury attorney.

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After a car accident, you should begin to recover from your injuries and be able to return to work. If you cannot because your injuries were too extensive, you could qualify for disability payments. Your injuries need to have lasted for a year or more, and at that point, you can work with an attorney to start the process of applying for disability. This will happen independently of your personal injury case, meaning you can get money from two different sources.

Common Causes of Car Accident Injuries Disability in Louisville

Major accidents that cause broken bones, burns, head trauma, brain damage, or internal injuries can all create injuries so severe, they last a year or longer. The speed the car was going, the type of vehicle you were in, or who hit you do not play a role in whether or not you will qualify for disability. What the government cares about is whether or not you can return to work.

Why It Is Harder to Prove Car Accident Injuries Disability in Louisville

Car Accident Disability Lawyer Louisville 2The injuries you sustain as a result of a car accident can be proven using medical records and your doctor’s expert testimony. From the perspective of your personal injury case, that is all that matters. For disability payments, the process is more complicated. Certain injuries are so severe, it is obvious you cannot work. For example, if you have partial paralysis or you broke your leg so severely that you cannot walk on it, proving you cannot work is fairly easy. However, if you suffer from something like terrible back pain, it will be open for interpretation on whether or not you can return to work. This is why you need to work with an experienced attorney who knows how to gather evidence and demonstrate the full impact of your injuries. Bradley Harville has that experience and can use it to your benefit.

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Do not leave money on the table. You could be receiving disability payments if your car accident injuries last for a year or longer. These monthly payments can help support you, since you are no longer able to work. When you call 502-245-2333 and speak with Bradley Harville, you can discuss both your personal injury case and the potential for receiving ongoing disability payments. Contact us HERE to schedule your appointment today.