Car Accident Brain Injury Lawyer Louisville

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 14.3% of all traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are due to car accidents. That is a pretty significant number and one that, in many cases, can be avoided. In some instances, the car accident may be caused by an act of God, but most are the result of common mistakes that drivers make on a regular basis. These mistakes lead to life-altering consequences, especially because once the brain is damaged or suffers a severe brain injury, it’s difficult to repair the damage and ever return to its original healthy state.

Seat Belt Issues

One of the biggest cause of a brain injury in a car accident is not wearing a seat belt or wearing a faulty seat belt. For example, even if one does wear a seatbelt, it must restrain the person when immediate pressure is applied, or it isn’t going to be effective in the event of a car crash. In either case, the individual is not prevented from hitting their head on the windshield because the seat belt isn’t properly restraining their body. The same could be said of airbags. If they aren’t functional, then there is a very real risk of brain injury if an accident occurs. These devices are intended specifically to lessen any impact to the head and body. They can’t provide adequate protection if they aren’t used or aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Overhead Impact

In rare instances, the head is hit from overhead in a car accident. This happens when something crushes the roof of the car or when something lands on the roof of the vehicle. Rollovers are also common types of car accidents that can lead to brain injury. In either case, it is an enormous amount of pressure to put on a skull and permanent brain damage is often the result, as well as many other medical complications.

Whether the traumatic brain injury comes from overhead impact or being outright thrown from the vehicle, it is something that the victim will likely need to deal with his or her entire life. Though people are capable of recovering and relearning skills, it’s a process that has to be constantly addressed.

Negligence and Compensation for TBI

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating injuries to manage, in addition to any other injuries and the complications that come with car accidents in general. It becomes even more complex if your accident and injuries are due to someone else’s actions or negligence on the road. In this type of situation, you shouldn’t have to deal with the entire aftermath of the accident by yourself, and the responsible parties should carry, at least, some of the burden.

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