How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim in Kentucky?

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  • December 11th, 2017

How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim in Kentucky
If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, you may have one thing on your mind: money. You may be wondering how long it will take to settle the case and receive compensation. If you filed a personal injury claim in Kentucky, how long can you expect to wait?

Unfortunately, there is no magic number or rule that can predict when your personal injury case will settle. This is true in every state. Each situation is different, and the factors involved can delay your case.

It also depends on your goals. Typically, a victim either wants to settle as quickly as possible or receive the most money possible. A person can’t have both. If you want to try to get more money, it will take more time because the case will need to go to court. Even then, there are no guarantees.

Typical Personal Injury Timeline

A personal injury claim could go through various phases, depending on the severity of the injuries. First, it starts with the accident and emergency room treatment. Then comes two phases of treatment: conservative and aggressive. Then there are maximum medical improvement and settlement negotiations. If the parties do not reach a settlement, then the case is taken to court. After that, the defendant has the right to appeal.

Given these steps involved, a personal injury case could take several years to resolve. Claims that are worth more are typically more complicated and take longer to settle. Even a small claim of under $10,000 could take months to resolve. A claim valued at $250,000 could take a year or two to resolve. A claim worth more than $1 million could take even longer.

Medical malpractice claims are often the most complex cases. If a claim goes to trial, it’s a process that can last 3-5 years.

This is how long you can expect to wait for your settlement if you want to take your case to court. If you’re content with settling for less but having your case resolved more expediently, you can work with the other party and negotiate outside of the courtroom. Many accident victims are willing to settle for a fair amount of money outside of court so they can quickly move on with their lives. A court battle lasting years is often too draining for someone already severely injured.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

A personal injury claim may take years to settle. If you’re ready to put your injury behind you and move on from an accident, the right legal help can move your case along and help you reach a fair settlement. The personal injury lawyers at Harville Law Offices, PLLC have helped many clients receive the compensation they deserve. To schedule a free consultation with our Kentucky personal injury attorneys, contact us online or give us a call at (502) 245-2333.


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