How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Kentucky Car Wreck Lawyer?

  • May 26th, 2020

One of the first things people ask, after they’ve been injured in a Kentucky car wreck due to someone else’s fault, is how much does it cost to hire a car wreck lawyer in Kentucky?

Almost All Kentucky Car Wreck Lawyers Charge a Contingency Fee

The answer is basically the same for just about any car wreck lawyer in this area. Hiring a car wreck lawyer costs you nothing up front. Instead, Kentucky car wreck lawyers typically charge a percentage of their clients’ settlement recovery. This is known as a “contingency fee” agreement. Contingency fee agreements have been around a long time, and give people the power to hire a lawyer when they could not otherwise afford to pay one by the hour.

The Most Common Contingency Fee Agreement in Kentucky Car Wreck Cases

The typical contingency fee agreement charged in a car wreck case by Harville Law Offices, and most other law firms in Kentucky, is one-third of the client’s settlement recovery, if the claim can be settled without having to file a lawsuit. However, if it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit because the insurance company will not offer a fair settlement, the contingency fee increases to 40% of the settlement recovery. We also advance any costs necessary to achieve the maximum settlement recovery in your case, and you do not owe the attorney’s fee or these costs unless we win or settle your case.

The reason we charge a one-third pre-suit contingency fee, and a 40% contingency fee if a lawsuit is filed, is because the majority of cases can usually be settled without filing a lawsuit, and there is less work involved. In addition, there are fewer if any costs if we are able to settle your case without filing a lawsuit. Costs go up when a lawsuit is filed, such as for filing fees, service fees, hiring court reporters to take depositions, doctors’ fees for giving depositions, and fees for any other experts needed in the case.

Some Kentucky Car Wreck Law Firms Charge More Than the Typical Contingency Fee Agreement

However, not all Kentucky car wreck law firms offer this same contingency fee arrangement. Clients have told us that one well-known law firm, which advertises heavily on TV and billboards, charges a 40% contingency fee in all car wreck cases, even if the claim can be settled without having to file a lawsuit. Clients have told us that another well-known law firm, which also appears on many TV and radio commercials and billboards, charges various administrative fees in addition to their contingency fees. Moreover, if you were to hire one of these law firms, you will be represented by lawyers with less litigation and trial experience than our lawyers.

Hire A Law Firm Which Has Your Best Interests As Its Top Priority

Knowing this, you should avoid law firms who charge higher contingency fees and add-on “administrative costs,” because this will mean less money in your pocket when your case is settled. You want to hire a lawyer who will work to maximize your recovery as quickly as possible, while letting you know what to expect, so you will be confident that your best interests are your lawyer’s top priority.


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