Can I Sue the Government for My Car Accident

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  • June 4th, 2016

If the Government Caused My Car Accident, Can I Sue Them?

It is certainly possible to get into a car wreck and for a government agency then be to blame. Things like roads in disrepair or construction work can and do lead to accidents on a regular basis. If this has happened to you, you may be wondering “Can I sue the government for my car accident?” Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions that can help you understand your options:

I crashed in a construction zone. Whose fault is it?

That really depends on what the cause of the accident was and whether you were following the rules of the road. In a construction zone, for example, you are required to drive slower than the typically posted speed limit. If you were not, you could be blamed for the crash. However, they have a duty to inform drivers that construction work is in progress and to provide warning signs well in advance, thereby allowing drivers to slow down or change lanes. If those warnings were not posted and you crashed as a result, you could have a case. There are many variables that can create a situation where you could sue for damages. To find out what your options are, you should call for a free phone consultation.

I was hit by a government vehicle. Who do I file a lawsuit against?

If you were hit by someone driving a government vehicle who was actively attending to government business, you could have a case against the agency the driver works for if you can prove negligence. The same would be true if you were hit by anyone driving for any employer. If, however, the employee was allowed to take an official vehicle home and then hit you while off the clock, it is unlikely that the government or employer would have any responsibility for the crash. You should keep in mind that this is always on a case-by-case basis, so I would need to discuss the details with you prior to providing you with direction.

I swerved off the side of the road because the road conditions were bad. Can I sue?

Potentially. It depends on why the road conditions were bad and if the roads were maintained in compliance with state laws and regulations. If they were maintained as they legally should be but were still not in the best condition, you may not have a case. As a car accident attorney, I can help you find out.

The police were chasing me, and I got into a wreck. Can I sue them?

It is highly unlikely, but that depends on the circumstances surrounding why you were being chased.

I was riding on a public bus that crashed. What are my options for receiving care?

Since Kentucky has laws regarding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage, the owners of vehicles are required to carry PIP insurance to pay for the medical bills that would arise as a result of them or passengers becoming hurt in accidents. The same is true for any public transportation. If you were in a crash while riding on a bus, that agency would then be responsible for paying your medical bills. If they are unwilling to do so or you are concerned that they may not pay enough, your other option is to file a lawsuit.

Is there anything else I should know?

Suing a government agency is entirely possible, but it is not easy. If you think that you have a case against one, your best option is to hire an accident attorney as soon as possible and then start gathering evidence to build a strong case.


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