ATV Accident Lawyer Kentucky

ATV riding is a popular activity in Kentucky that many consider a relaxing yet exciting sport. At the same time, it’s a high-risk hobby, and when ATV accidents occur, just who is responsible for the risk can become a major concern. If you have been involved in an accident, there will be multiple questions that require the experience of a personal injury lawyer. Kentucky has no shortage of areas that look and feel as if they were created specifically for exploration with an ATV, but accidents do happen. When they do, your life can be completely changed forever, and by no fault of your own.

Louisville Location and Responsibility

ATV Accident Lawyer Kentucky 1Although riding ATVs is among the most popular hobbies in Louisville, Kentucky leads the country in ATV accidents. While this shouldn’t affect your decision to continue to enjoy your hobby, you should keep in mind that there could be more ATVs operating in a smaller area than in other areas of the state. Because of this, accidents involving multiple ATVs and motorists can occur more frequently. Whether your accident takes place in Louisville or anywhere else, however, you’re likely to suffer severe physical and mental injuries. You’ll need the assistance of someone who is familiar with ATV accidents in Kentucky to figure out who is responsible for those injuries.

Kentucky ATV Requirements

Kentucky has restrictions on where you can operate an ATV. For example, one of the Kentucky ATV laws is that you aren’t supposed to ride them on the highway or on private property unless you have permission from the owner of the property. On the other hand, property owners are obligated to maintain their property in such a way that it is safe for travel. It isn’t always easy to determine where one property ends and another begins, so how do you know who is responsible when an ATV accident occurs as a result of neglected property?

ATV Accident Scenarios

One of the most likely scenarios is for a rider to unknowingly cross a property line, and then perhaps hit a stump from a freshly cut tree. For the average citizen, it’s difficult to assess just who is responsible for that accident. Although you may not have permission to be on the land, there may not be clear markers to let you know. The existence of the stump may have left the area unsafe as far as the court is concerned. This is just one example of a time when you need a qualified ATV accident lawyer such as Bradley D. Harville.

Long-Term Injuries

Because there is no external protection on some ATVs and only limited external protection on others, there is every potential to develop long-term issues as a result of an accident on an ATV. This is especially true if you weren’t wearing safety gear or your safety gear wasn’t able to cover some vulnerable areas, like your vertebrae. Again, it’s difficult for the average citizen to assess who is responsible for such injuries, much less enforce that responsibility. Harville Law has experience in these areas and can even help determine if the responsibility lies with an entity that wasn’t there, such as the equipment manufacturer.

Short-Term Injuries

ATV Accident Lawyer Kentucky 2Short-term injuries don’t sound threatening because they may not last as long as other injuries. At the same time, they may cause you to miss work, and can limit your day-to-day responsibilities. It’s important that you don’t have to risk losing anything if you aren’t the one ultimately responsible for the injury in the first place. For some people, losing a day’s pay doesn’t mean a lot, but for the majority of the country, it could mean the loss of services or even healthcare. This is not even including medical bills and the cost of other expenses necessary in getting you back on your feet.

Contact a Qualified ATV Accident Attorney

If you are unfortunate enough to have been involved in an ATV accident, don’t assume you have to deal with it by yourself. Contact Bradley D. Harville, an experienced ATV accident lawyer. Kentucky laws aren’t always easy to navigate, and you shouldn’t even try while you are managing the loss that occurred as a result of the ATV accident. Harville Law Offices can assist you in recovering from your accident, from the very beginning to the end. While this is a stressful and confusing time, you don’t have to attempt to figure out the law by yourself. Call us today at (502) 245-2333 or contact us for a consultation so we can help.