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“First off Brad and Dana Skaggs exceeded all my expectations. My case took over a year to settle. But they maintained updates with me regularly through text and email. When my case was finally settled I received much more than I originally thought I would. They fought to get me the max, and appreciate all their hard work.”

–        Marcus W.

“Bradley Harville represented my wife and I for an accident case we were involved in. I retained Brad after he represented my daughter and was able to obtain a very favorable settlement for her car accident.  Brad and his staff worked wonders and were able to keep the bill collectors at bay while we recovered and were treated for our injuries. They negotiated a good settlement for us and also worked with our doctors to settle on payment terms that were acceptable. In my opinion, the office of Bradley Harville is top notch and they don’t hesitate to go above and beyond what is expected of an attorney.  Brad and his staff showed us that they cared about us and our situation. I would recomend this firm to anyone in need of representation for an accident case.”

–        Scott C.

“Brad handled a personal injury case for my granddaughter and immediately took the pressure off of me dealing with insurance representatives. He was always professional and on top of the issues and obviously knew how to deal with the insurance carrier’s representative. He did not get combative with the insurance company, but dealt with them strongly and with assurance that we were due compensation that was commensurate with the injury suffered. I believe this helped us with the settlement as the insurance company felt they were being given straight information in a professional manner.  Follow up reporting requirements for the underage recipient have been handled promptly and with no prompting from our end.  All in all, an exceptional experience for us during this tough time.”

–        Brian B.

“I retained Bradley Harville’s services after I was struck by an automobile while I was riding a bicycle. He was extremely professional through the entire process, was very knowledgeable on how we should proceed, and communicated regularly with me on this case. Bradley gave me realistic expectations, informed me of the legal implications that would apply to my situation, and was diligent and persistent when dealing with other counsel and insurance companies. I was highly pleased with the resolution that he was able to procure for me. Should I or anyone I know require legal services, I would first turn to Bradley for his counsel, and would highly recommend him and his recommendations.”

–        Terry B.

“Brad was very accessible and I was kept informed on the progress of my case. My phone calls were always returned promptly. Brad made certain I understood everything before proceeding. Brad was very generous with his time. When an issue did come up it was addressed to our satisfaction in a timely fashion. Brad was very prepared and every aspect both good and were explained before the trial. I feel that I would not have won my case if Brad had not prepared me for all situations. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. All fees and expenses were agreed upon at our first meeting. I would definitely use Brad again and I have referred others to him. There were no surprises with Brad, he was prepared and knowledgeable for any situation.”

 –        Tim H.

 “Brad & Dana communicated greatly & professionally on both of my cases. They communicated in easy to understand terms. I have never known any attorney that devoted the amount of time that Brad & Dana did. I actually could call anytime & they would stop what they were doing (if they could) and talk to me. My deposition was explained in detail to me, both attorneys showed up, walked us through it. They are great with teenagers. I have referred the law firm to numerous people & they have chosen to go with Harville Law Office. They have won every case that I referred. They treat you as family. I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me. They won 2 cases for me, workers comp & personal injury.

 –        Tammi T.

 “I always felt very informed at a level where I never felt talked down to. Your communication was easy for me to understand. I never felt that your firm stopped at just “adequately” in my case. We often talked at the possibilities of an outcome in my case and I don’t think a penny was left on the table. Your firm made me feel as though you were taking care of me almost as though I was a family member, with that in mind when my son’s flame needed some legal advice, I told her to call your firm. I wanted to keep it in the family.

 –        Stan J.

“Brad did a great job assisting my husband and I with the compensation process resulting from a car accident that caused injuries. He set the expectations of what to expect during this experience upfront so there were no surprises. His credibility and experience went a long way in building my confidence in lawyers and I will use him again if needed.”

–      Karen F.

 “Brad Harville was my attorney for a motor vehicle accident. He and Dana Skaggs were very knowledgeable, and honest. I was recommended by one of his former clients. I was looking for a reputable person and not a ambulance chaser and that’s exactly what I got. Look no further than right here. I would definitely recommend them highly!

 –        Kathy R.

 “Brad is one of the finest people you’ll ever meet. He is a superb lawyer and has handled cases for me regarding worker’s comp. and auto accident. I could not have asked for better outcomes in both. If you want a lawyer that is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and straight-to-the-point, I highly recommend Brad.

 –        Mike P.

 “Brad knows the law, and he took time to find out what was important to me about my case. I trust him to litigate or negotiate the best possible outcome for me in any legal situation. He explains things in “normal” language and makes sure that I understand what the law requires, along with my options. He’s very open and easy to talk to. I would recommend Brad to anyone.”

 –        John H.

“I hired Brad to handle a very difficult set of circumstances for me and his reputation in the legal community and respect among his peers helped result in a very favorable result that far exceeded my expectations. I can’t recommend him enough.

–      Scott H.

 “Brad is a very competent lawyer that handled my case with ease and proficiency. I believe he had my best interest at hand and advocated for me yielding positive results. He took his time to ensure I understood the process and conveyed realistic expectations. I couldn’t have been more pleased with his professionalism and commitment to my case. He comes highly recommended.”

–        Elizabeth S.

“I was injured on the job and then fired. I had no idea what to do or who to turn to and I goggled for attorney information and came across an attorney named Harville, I spoke with him briefly and my case was given to Ms. Skaggs through his office. I had never been hurt on the job or had any dealings with workers comp before, so I had no idea what to expect. My injury was one that was very complex. The workers comp insurance started my treatment out with the most respected doctors in this type of injury field. I spent close to a year and half going to appts, getting different diagnosis each time, having different types of treatment plans etc, my care was all over the place. Then the workers comp insurance decided it was time to get rid of me, thus ordering the IME (individual medical examination) and this doctor (another well known) in this field decided I was as good as I was ever going to get and released me from all doctor treatments! My attorney Dana immediately got me into a different doctor who not only said that I WAS NOT healed but that I also had permanent damage due to my injury. I’m writing these details because the main thing I want to stress in “my situation” was that it wasn’t as typical as most for many reasons. Then end result was this. Workers Comp insurance attorney offered me a very very small settlement, to which I believe that many attorneys based on my case might have said, this is as good as we can get. Not Dana!! She fought my case as if it was happening to her personally! She gave me the confidence to stand up for myself by talking me thru my uncertainties. She gave me a top notch experience because she is a top notch attorney! She knows her workers comp laws and knows her way around the workers comp court. My case went all the way in front of the judge, because Dana listened to me, she believed I deserved more and she fought for me. In the end I was awarded the maximum amount allowed based on my injury and my disability. I felt so vindicated and of course a little richer! If you are looking for an attorney who knows what their doing in this field, you won’t find one that’s more knowledgeable or that will fight harder than Dana Skaggs! On a personal note, she treated me with such kindness and support but it was her knowledge and drive that impressed me more than anything. She is a sweetheart of a person, but a fighter in her profession. Thank you again Dana for giving me the satisfaction of knowing that “I WON” there is no better feeling than that!!!”

–        Jeanie S.

“This was my first experience with this law firm and this attorney. Ms Skaggs was very knowledgeable in the work comp processes. She did an exceptional job defending me. She provided excellent communication keeping me updated often via phone calls, emails and text messages. She was very prompt in responding if I had any questions. I was amazed at all that she accomplished for me. There is no doubt that I will call her in the future if I ever have the need for an attorney again.”

–        Kathy D.

“Dana is very intelligent very knowledgeable about her cases. She is a people person she takes her cases serious and she is about her business. I loved her she really helped me through my case the whole way.”

–        Chris. P.