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Personal Injury Negligence

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Injury cases are not limited to motor vehicle accident cases.  The general rule of negligence is that every person owes a duty to every other person to exercise ordinary care in his activities to prevent foreseeable injury.  This very basic rule is the common thread in virtually every kind of negligence cases, such as slip-and-fall cases, dog bite cases, dram shop cases, nursing home negligence cases, ATV cases, and just about any other kind of negligence case you can think of.  Certainly there statutes and appellate court decisions that modify certain aspects of these various kinds of cases, but the basic concept of negligence remains the same throughout all of them.

Harville Law Offices has handled all of these types of cases, both for individuals as well as for insurance companies and their insureds.  We have advised our clients for years about the various laws and considerations that must be addressed in each of these types of cases, and whether the facts of each particular case give rise to liability.  If so, we know how settlement value in these cases is determined in order to maximize full and fair compensation for someone who has been injured due to someone else’s negligence.