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Cargo Law and Litigation

Claims for property damage and lost goods brought against cargo companies, shippers and trucking companies who transport household goods across state lines are handled under federal law, known as the Carmack Amendment. Carmack preempts all state law claims and is the sole remedy available in cases involving loss or damage in interstate transit. At the Bradley D. Harville Law Offices PLLC, we represent moving companies and related businesses that are facing damage claims. If your company needs professional, experienced legal defense against civil actions for lost or damaged goods, we can help you.

Experienced Federal Cargo Law and Litigation Lawyer

While many of these cases are filed in state courts, they should be removed to federal court within the time frame allowed. We work quickly to protect our clients’ interests and limit their exposure to liability. If the plaintiff has failed to adequately state their claim under federal law, we will seek to have the claim dismissed. There are strict requirements regarding amount in controversy, filing deadlines and pleading a proper federal claim that can provide effective defenses in federal court. We have the skill and experience to pursue every avenue to resolve the matter in your favor.

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Interstate cargo transport is an unusual and complex area of the law. Attorney Bradley Harville is uniquely qualified to handle disputes and litigation matters regarding lost or damaged household goods. He has the experience and knowledge you need to protect your business.

Our Louisville cargo law and litigation attorneys represent business clients in any dispute involving the interstate transportation of household goods. We serve the needs of businesses in state and federal courts. Contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss your litigation matter.